Halo famle blong mi from Efate! (September 2, 2018)

Halo famle blong mi we mi luvem tumas! Olsem wanem? Mi hope se dei blong yu i tuff go go… nice go go…
I love you all so very much.
This week has been a wonderful week. So many wonderful tender mercies.
Momma! Oh how much I love you. You are wonderful. This week has been so great.
Sista Nila is wondeful. Her name is Suzyiana James Nila (James is her father’s name. She is from Malaysia. She is the only member in her family and joined the church when she was 18. (She is 23 now). She has been serving in Santo. Before she came on the mission she worked and worked and worked. We gave brownies to random mamas and papas on my birthday. (Well the’re not random because God knows them.) Friends we gave them to friends. One mama even came up to us the other day on her way to Jos and told us thankyou again. It was so sweet!
We are living in the same place, Sister Training Leader (round 7!) I think this will be the last transfer of this opportunity. We’ll see what God has in store.
(To tune my guitar I have a video on my camera of a tuned guitar and I tune it to that. Guitar and Ukelele. Did I say banjo? Woops! Ukelele! Haha. We got to help papa Joseph tune his guitar for him. It was covered in dust. Some of the pegs were missing. but with a good starting note, some pliars, and a smile we were able to fix up his guitar with him so he can play it.
Wow! It’s September. It sounds beautiful. The air here is getting more damp as winter sneaks back with it’s fiery sun.
Mama there is totally a parable in the wasp trap and teaching it. I’ll let it buzz around in my head and share it later. I love you. You are just so beautiful and I am so lucky to have yu as my mama.
Foundations are so important.

Daddy: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning sunshine!!!!!!!!
Fall! FOOTBALL!!!! Ah I love football.
Before I forget. We got to help scrape of paint for the gate outside of our house while the mamas were taking a lunch break. It reminded me when we were painting the house and people would drive by and ask if they could help. I remember you telling me that when people need help then to help them. So instead of waiting to paint. We helped do the scraping of the top where I can reach without a chair. and Sista Nila got the end. It was delightful.
A wood stud! Ha! I’m still laughing out loud! That’s funny. You can do it! I believe in you! The little lessons, the little details that make the bathroom sparkle, the change if a tile will fall off while you are showering or if it will stand strong through the hard water, make all the difference. I am so grateful for the little lessons. This week in my tender mercy book I wrote I am grateful for the designs of God. They are beautiful and perfect. Just as God intends them to be.
I love this gospel. I love you.

I got my letter racing my package this week. 28th of August (They said it was in the ZL truck though…) So It probably got here the week before.

There was a little moment we were walking and all of these pikinini were having a little concert. We listened and dance to their cute little songs and then they had us sing there is sunshine in my soul today. They all had their biscuit buckets and were drumming along. It was the cutuest thing.
We haven’t been able to story with mama Esline 🙁 But we did story with Ramsfil her son! He is so prepared. He has a baptism date set for teh 15th. The next step is helping him come to jos. He has come in the past about five years ago but we are hoping to help find him a friend to give a little motivation.
Mama Thelma shared an experience she had with the Buk Blong Momon. She wants to be baptized! (Next year… after her work in her church is finished.) I know everything is in God’s hands. As much as we would love to be there and see her make this covenant we understand that God has perfect timing.)

To President Duquette…
This week has been a great week. I have been learning the importance of doing the little things. I am so grateful for Sista James Nila. It has been delightful to rekindle our friendship again. I learn so much from her gentle spirit. We have set a baptismal date with one of the people we are teaching, Ramsphil, he storied with the missionaries about five years ago and his brother (our ward mission leader) is working on his papers. Ramsphil is so prepared. He loves the gospel. We are working on helping him come to jos and find a friend at jos. We also went to story with mama Thelma. Last week Mama Thelma said she’d bring her whole family to The Church if she knew it was true. When we went to story with her yesterday. She told us she had been reading the Book of Mormon. She explained all that she read and how Lehi’s family left Jerusalem and she related her life to the stories. She said she wants to become a member and wants to be baptized. She is working in the Assembly of God church right now. She says she will get baptized at the beginning of next year. We listened and the spirit prompted us to invite her to pray about God’s timing. I know sista Nila and I would love to see her make this covenant when we are there. However, God’s timing is the right timing. He knows everything better than we do. I’m grateful for this.

The pictures… Esther, The pikinini (Jesta, Joylista and Dicky the one sitting down.)
Pikinini carrying tools to build houses
Matilda and Augustine (they are going to Tanna next week until December)

I love you all so very much!
Have a wonderful week!
I love you.
Sista Carter