Halo from my beautiful island Efate!

Halo my wonderful beautiful family. Mi luvem yufala tumas. From yu makem hart blong mi fulup joy mo happiness. Thank you for all of your prayers this week. I realized that even though physically you are far away you are all in my heart. (sounds like I’m quoting Tarzan.) This week has been a great week. Full of many ups and downs. This crazy roller coaster called life. It’s so amazing.

Jessica and Sista James and I (Sista James is going to Santo so she has been staying with us for a few days)

My sweet beautiful mama! I love you so very much. YOu are amazing!!! I haven’t got the card yet. However, I have faith in the postal system. We didn’t get to see Malinda this week, but we are planning to story with her. Every time we pass her she is always happy to see us though. Thank you for your words of wisdom on helping the woman. This gospel really does bring light. We storied with Florence! She has been praying. Her friend Anne storied with us too this lesson. Two beautiful souls in Vanuatu. Thierry has not come to church yet. I’m trying to balance between being pushy and being loving. We didn’t story with him this week but next week we will for sure! Lesiann, Anna, and Cindy are great! They love the Buk Blong Momon. We get to help them and encourage them to come to church. There are so many blessings in store. They are so close! Kato! It is like bagel/bread with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top. We taught Mary. (more below) She is wonderful! She has been praying and reading her Buk Blong Momon! So proud of her! Now we get to help her understand the blessings of going to church. (I feel like I’m just repeating the same thing over and over. But really. The spiritual renewal of going to church each week is so important!) The training was with the Sister Missionaries. Sister Granger taught the training. WE went to see Edna and Jimmy yesterday but they were in a meeting for their villiage. We will see them this week. I know we will! When we went to see them yesterday we met two men: Fias and Esau. They are from Pentacost with fiji. They are Muslim but asked questions about Joseph Smith. We’ll be seeing them again soon. ALSO I found fresh fish at the market! and ate it! (more below) and liked it! 🙂 I love you and dad. You two are adorable. Valentines day sounds amazing! I bet the missionary fireside was incredible. Send my love to Catherine. She is such a strong woman. I love her.
Momma I love you so much. Thank you for always sharing your week and your sweet testimony with me. You are amazing and you deserve the most incredible week. I love you!!!

Daddy: Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooola! Mi luvem olgeta Angels. Hem i bringem yumi klosup! Oh the snow! I can just taste it. A similar dark grey cloud blankets the sky as an upcoming rain is ready to refresh the island of Efate. I don’t dare bring out the umbrella to hide me from the experience of the droplets landing on my skin and reminding me the love that I have rooted deep inside me. Cake is such a great idea! I fully support this decision.Visualization. It’s been said that if you don’t have vision you will fail. I love this challenge! Visualize. See the path of the day and the waves that carry you through the moment, the fine detail. I love this! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has had incredible experiences in their life, small simple incredible experiences. I love you so much! I can’t wait to help people visualize the gospel in their lives. I love you so much daddy! Will you go touch the snow for me and let a snowflake melt on your tongue? I’ll eat some Kato for you. Have an amazing week. Thank you for the picture! I love you!

Here are a few top experiences for the week. 1. Last P-Day Sista ‘Otuafi and I went to the office and I got to write lyrics to a song about cutting to the chase (the theme for this year). It felt SO GOOD to write and to be creative. I love writing and will always be grateful for the little twists and turns that God led me so I would discover the beauty in songwriting. 2. I ate fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I chose to eat fish. After I had emailed last week we went to the market and I met a momma named Joanna. She saw me and called me over and I asked her if she had any fish. I’m not sure what kind of fish I ate but it was delicious! (Goal of the year is to love fish. Slowly but surely I’ll get there.) 3. The highlight of the week was teaching Mary. On an exchange Sista Lavemai and I got to teach her about the Plan of Salvation. She loved every part of it and there was a twinkle in her eyes as we explained Papa God’s glorious plan. As we drove back to Erakor South to end the exchange I felt this overwhelming happiness that filled my soul. The moment lasted for a few minutes and then faded away, but I am so grateful for that moment and that experience. 4. Sista ‘Otuafi’s family was right in the middle of the huge cyclone that hit Tonga. She is waiting to hear back from her family today. On top of everything she got sick so we stayed home on Thursday. Please pray for her. She is near the end of her mission and has so much charity and love. I’m learning that it’s more important to put other’s needs first instead of my wants. I’m also learning that this is a weakness that will only become a strength through the atonement of Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for this gospel! 5. Zone Conference! The theme was following the Master and doing everything we can to help people come closer to Christ. We talked about doing the little things so we can be more receptive to the spirit. So true! 6. I’ve been reading in Jacob this week and read in chapter 5 verse 59. I find it interesting that in the foot notes it has the word Triumph. Take a look at it! 7. Last night I made a successful batch of chocolate chip cookies. (It was going to be chocolate chip oatmeal cookies… but I opened up the oats and pretty soon I was face to face with five moths. I ran to the door and asked Sista ‘Otuafi to protect the cookie dough as I ran the oats, filled with moths, outside!) So I made chocolate chip cookies. The main Abu Mache (grocery store) had chocolate chips! Halelujah!! I brought them to share 🙂 Third times a charm. 8. We taught a couple: Annie and James with their adorable one year old Thierry, they have been searching for the truth for years. They have gone to many different churches. We invited them to be baptized and they responded that “If what we have taught is true. They will be baptized.” There is light in their eyes. They also said they have many questions but first they will read the scriptures to search the answers! It was amazing. They are incredible. Please keep them in your prayers. What are your thoughts my beautiful family? How do you help someone realize that this is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? It takes time. It takes faith. Little by little everyday. 9. It’s Aurora Rae’s Birthday this week on Feb. 20. If you see her (or if her number is still in my phone. (It’s under sassy Rae in contacts) Would you tell her I love her? I am so lucky to be apart of this wonderful family. My wonderful family. I love you all. You all inspire me and uplift me everyday.


Sista Outafi
Alekken (I mean Elda Lamont and I)
Fish! Yum!