Halo from my beautiful island of Efate!

Halo beautiful famle blong mi we mi luvem tumas! Olsem wanem dei blong yufala? I love you all so very much and you just make my heart shout with joy. This week has been a great week. Sister Papel and I have been working and laughing together everyday. She’s amazing.

Momma: Ah!! I’m so happy you got the video and the little note!! Yesterday the mom came up to me and said they were from Kaysville, Utah and said if there was anything she wanted us to take back to the states she would love to help with anything. TENDER MERCY. My heart was filled with joy. Her first missionary goes to Paris, France in July. Aww momma I just adore you!! As for clothes! Thank you 🙂 I’ll probably need another plain black shirt around my birthday. I bought this one in New Zealand and where it pretty much every week. I love you and daddy! You make my heart so happy. You will be happy to know I love hiking once again. It’s good too. We hike everyday! Momma, I admire your diligence in going to the temple and taking family names to the temple!! Thank you for your love and for your sacrifice. You are beautiful! We get to hear General Conference later this week! In Bislama! Oh boy. Oh my goodne3ss. I love Daddy’s creativity. Easter Sunday we fasted and ventured to church. We also went storying later with this one papa and we got to really defend the church. He asked us a ton of questions and eventually we got to the point where we were just listening. However, Sister Papel and I just testified with the spirit burning strong in our hearts. We sang I believe in Christ and I saw the look in his face soften. It was amazing. His name was John.

Daddy: I love you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!! Gooooooooooooood Mooooooooooooorning Sunshine!!! Happy almost birthday. I’m so happy you got the message!! Daddy I wave to the sunset too and then watch it in awe. Visualization is revelation. I love it. Working hard is a gift and an act of faith. I love you so very much daddy! Thank you for your example and your brilliant words. I love you. Happy Birthday! Fist bump!

1. Lydia was baptized and confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of her. She is an amazing example to her family.
2. THIERRY came to JOS!!! My jaw dropped. Miracles. Sweet. beautiful miracles.
3. I got to go to Erakor Bridge for an exchange. So fun to see a few of the people we taught almost four months ago!
4. One experience this week. We started teaching a man named Mildon. He works at the airport is about 25. We met him earlier contacting and set up an appointment to see him. After we went to see him and he wasn’t back from work yet, so we tried the next day. He told us that he had come home from work and was feeling sick and went to sleep. He said he had a very strong feeling that a woman was going to come and teach him about the word of God. A few minutes later his friend singed out him and lo and behold two sister missionaries were there to story with him. He couldn’t believe it. We visited him a few days later again and his flu was better. He said that every since we started storying he started to feel better. We will keep storying with him… keep him in your prayers.
5. So once upon a time I learned pikinini don’t want to just hear talking. They want to have fun and learn. So we storied small and then set up a little obstacle course of chairs. When they got to the chairs they would answer a question about what we storied, like the Tak Blong Wies, afta they would run around the chair. They took turns and at the end of the course there was candy! (Pixi Sticks. Thank you Toph) They loved them!! So much fun.
6. We storied with Bule family and learned they are married!!!! Ah!!! Yay!!! We storied about the Law of Jastity and they fed us fish, rice, cabbage, with milked kokonut on top! It was amazing.

I love you all so dearly. Have a wonderful week. Thank you for your kindness and your example. I love you all!
Sista Carter.
P.S. Pictures… Lydia’s baptism, My dear friend Merrium, Pikinini, Wendy and Cindy, Fish!!!!!!!