Halo from my beautiful island of Efate! (February 10, 2019)

Halo beautiful famle blong mi we mi luvem tumas!

I am so very grateful for you and all of your prayers. You mean the world to me.

Mama: Oh how much I love you! You are sunshine to my life. Thank youfor your love and your example. You have a light that shines inside and out. I  love you so much mama. I hope you have had a wonderful week. I know it has been quite busy. I am so proud of you in all that you are doing. You are so special to me. 

Have a wonderful week! 

Daddy: Good Mooooooooooorning sunshineeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so grateful for you. Today is the beginning of the culmination of my Vanuatu experience. I love hearing about your mission and your experience daddy. Everything is a green light. I have six weeks to soak up the sun. I can hardly believe it.  I was reading one of your letters a little while back that talked about using the smart gene. (The problem to the solution is to be smart. You are smart enough to figure it out. ) It’s so true.  Also! Papa Pakoa got his wheel chair fixed. His grandson or son was able to fix it so now he can come to jos if it isn’t raining!!!!!!  Thank you for your kind heart and for your constant support.

Eat some snow for me! I love that last part. Daughter of loving earthly parents. Sib loved. Spirit approved. Fist bump!!!!

I’ll keep eating my veggies J and the island cabbage. Mmmm! I love you so much JD Bigfoot, firestarter!This week has been a wonderful week. There have been so many tender mercies. I love the people here so very much. They are so special to me. This week Sista Otukolo taught me a very valuable lesson. We were planning a scripture to share with a small message at a family house night. We decided that we should share about prayer especially praying as a family. As we shared the scripture I saw the look on her face change. I knew that the spirit was prompting her to change what we had planned. She shared another  scripture that directly addressed what challenge the mama was facing at that time. The mama is a member and her husband is not. He can sometimes be abusive but he allows them to go to church. She wants so much for her family to embrace the gospel.  It was clearly visible that the scripture that the spirit prompted sista Otukolo to share, touched this mama’s heart and was what she needed to hear so she can continue to stand up strong. I’m so grateful for Sista Otukolo and the blessing that she is in my life. I love these people more and more everyday. I’ve been praying to have a deeper love for these souls and as we were storying I knew that Heavenly Father was keenly aware of each individual which helped me understand the love God has for his children, especially in Vanuatu. 

Mama Sheila from Erakor Bridge got baptized! Sista Nila and I storied with her last year.I got to see some of my mamas from Ohlen. Oh how much I love them. Have an amazing week! 
You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you! Love, Sista Carter