Halo from my beautiful island of Efate (March 24, 2019)

Good morning from my island of Efate. I’m writing smol and early this morning. There are so many different emotions that are running through my soul. My fingers strum the strings as clouds dark over with grey. I am so grateful for the time i have had on my little island of Efate. There are so many tender mercies i have felt and experienced. I have come to learn that for me experiencing a miracle is recognizing the divine in what could be considered ordinary. It is recognizing God’s hand in the moments that are lived.
I am so grateful for the last two weeks I have had to be here in Ohlen. These souls are so precious. My heart doesn’t want to leave them. I am so grateful for the memories and the moments that I have experienced with them. This Saturday (two days ago) Nikson (16 years) who sista Talamai and sista Taufa have been storying with (tufala sista training leaders). And Charles Pakoa! (Papa Pakoa’s grandson who is 9 years old. We have got to teach him these last two weeks!) It was such a blessing. Yesterday afta jos we spent the majority of the day preparing for everything for the musical missionsry fireside. It went well. It was interesting to observe how what was being said and felt more focused on the temple and preparing to go there. (I get to see the temple!!!!!!!!!!) Thank you for your love and prayers. Thank you for all of the letters, packages, and so so much love. Every little note and drawing and batch of fudge has kept me going. Words aren’t able to express how much I am grateful for you. I love you all so much. I look forward to hugging you!!!!! (Ah!!!!)

Mama: My sweet beautiful mama. Thank you for your constant love and prayers and for going to the temple so angels can be with me. Mama I love you to pieces. I am so excited to see you! I will see you soon! Sending hugs and kisses from the ocean.

Daddy: Gooooooood Moooooooooooorning sunshine!!!! Thank you so much for your thoughts on finishing. Thank you for always sending me letters. I am so excited to see you! Also before I forget. I got my last letter with my other four postcards!! Papa God hears and answers prayers. Especially the little prayers.
Fist bump!!!!

I love you so much!!!!
Thank you for everything!!!!

Sista Carter