Halo from my green Christmas Efate (December 9, 2018)

Halo beautiful famle we mi luvem tumas! Oh how much I adore you. Christmas is coming!!!! I’m so excited. Please eat many sugar cookies with frosting.

Mama blong mi: The palm trees are swinging gently as the tide comes in and out. We are great. We didn’t feel any eathquake here and haven’t heard about a tsunami warning. I do know that if there is anything that will happen we will be protected.
We have been giving the missionaries their gingerbread missionaries. Their heart just melts. Thank you so much for doing this for the souls in Efate. I love you! Aww thank you so much for sending me Christmas packages!!! Aww and Utah magnets!! I can’t wait. Sista Nila and I are wearing the Christmas socks 🙂 (at night… it’s about 85 degrees now)
We actually were in charge of planning all the activities. Bless creative missionaries who make on the spot games when the rain comes.
I love Sista Sanders! She is just a doll. I remember that time. I’m grateful for the moments that prepared me to help her. Thank you for your example.
Sista Nila and I are great. She is incredible. The missionary is going slowly but surely. Our dear Jelisa who was really close to getting baptized moved to the island. We got a text from her that told us her testimony. We were so disappointed but I know that God has a plan and He’ll take good care of her.
Aww. Thank you for writing a letter to mama Esline! You are just so sweet.
For Christmas there are a lot of Christmas parties. People all go to the salwata… and go swimming with their families.
I’ve written a book… It goes…
Everyone is sleeping because it’s raining… but not the missionaries
Everyone is swimming on Christmas… but not the missionaries
but then it will have a cute little twist at the end.
People make a lot of island kakae. Lap lap, simboro, and Tanna soup!
We will get together as a zone on  Christmas eve day and watch teh christmas devotional and have a gift exchange.
Christmas Sista Nila will talk to her family (for the first time on her mission) and we will bring treats to all of our friends in OHlen.
Christmas round 2!
I love the little Crocodile.
We were given a training on ministering by two of the senior sisters. They are incredible! I’ll send you my notes on it next week.
YOu’ve got this. You are amzing.
Please keep in your prayers I can be inspired how to Use the Book of Mormon more in teaching and communicate clearly and ask good questions.
Nauvoo serving a mission!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of her.
Do you have her address?!?!
She’s going to the marshall islands!!! Oh she will love it.
Daddy: Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning!!!! I love you so very much!!
We are never alone in anything. I know Nauvoo will be an incredible missionary.
Oh sound! So much fun and adventure. You two got a charlie brown Christmas tree this year. It will be beautiful.
Thank you for sharing your memory of your mama. My beatiful Grandma and my Beautiful Grandpa. I love them. The traditions have found their way to Vanuatu.
I love that little blue star. It’s the cutest.
This week we had zone conference.
Exchange with Sista Elisara
Two of the senior sister Sista Talatiana and Sista Ucunibaravi
We lighted the wol by pickem up doti lo Namburu
and we have had sisters staying with us this week!!
Thank you for all you do and for all your love!!
I love you to pieces!
Have the greatest week!
Sista Carter

Gingerbread man

ZC with President and Sister Duquette
Light The wol

Little Ruth

Belview view
Sista Elisara and I
Ol Sista

Gingerbread man