Halo from my HOT island of Efate!

Halo famle we mi luvem yu tumas! Oh how I just adore you all. This week has been so challenging but so rewarding. I’m so grateful for all of your prayers and all of your love. I feel it. I know it is real.

Momma: Hi! First thing is first. Your little note for mothers day is probably going to be late. I’m so sorry! Also the stamp that they put on it is wack too… so sorry. Anyways. I love you so very much! You just make me so very happy. To celebrate our 6 months Sista Papel and I ate icecream covered in chocolate. Packaged from Australia. It was SO delightful. Aww Jackson is such a good brother! Bradly! That’s crazy 8 months already. That’s so funny. I thought about seeing the shows this week too! Your momma is really amazing. I’m so lucky you are my momma <3 The weather is so HOT apperantly it’s going to be cold season soon… more rain. Cooler weather. Efate always suprises me.

Edna and Jimmy are wonderful! We went to visit them this week and learned their daughter (Tino Nalau) got her mission call to Guam. Papa Jimmy had just finished work and he told us “All pikinini blong mifala i memba now ia. Bae i no long before mama and papa become member” Afta, hem I tellem He will talk to his boss to get time off to come to Jos! Their daughter leaves in June to go to Guam, but first to the New Zealand MTC. So exciting! Real miracles are happening with their family. Sane arranged with a friend (on her own!) to help her come to Jos. (She works in the morning so she will go a little late in the one afternoon session in Efate). Her baptism is scheduled for the 5th of May! Next week. Blows my mind. Please keep her in your prayers. In our lesson this week with Thierry, Sista Papel and I were BOLD. We read him a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants and guess what… He came to Jos!! For the 2nd time!! We have been trying to set a baptismal date with him, but everytime he tells us it will take some time. Slow slow. Thierry is different than so many of the souls in Vanuatu. This gospel will really bless his life. I know it will take time. We will keep seeking the Lord’s timing and not ours. We will story with MIlton. The Bule famle are good. We got to story with Mama Anna (Papa Pierre was sick) and many of their friends. We shared about keeping the Sabath Day tabu. They know the Jos is true. Please pray they will have the desire to come to Jos. Please keep praying for them. I feel your prayers. We started teaching Seraline, Mama Tamate an dTEacher Helen, Lynn, John and Debra, Claudia, Jennie, Serian and Willion, Lising, Bontel and William (backagain), Evelyn and Papa Claud, Nelline, and Jospehing and Tom (backagain) Please keep these beautiful souls in your prayers. I love you so very much momma! Thank you for your love and grace. Have an amazing week!

Daddy: Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning. There is so much beauty in the journey. I’ve just read your word and the spirit reminds me of so many things that I need to know, especially for this next week. I got to share a little about the knowing bridge with Edna and Jimmy. They loved it. Fist bump! I love you so very much. Have an incredible week daddy!

I tried to teach in English this week. Oh man. It was rough!

I love you all so very much! Have a wonderful week!
Sista Carter

Davis’s Baptism
Pretty Bird
A moth (remember I”m terrified of these things and I thought it was a leaf)