Halo from my island of Efate!!!! (1/22/18)

Halo dear famle blong mi. Mi lovem yu tumas. Mo mi grateful tumas from algeta prayer blo yufala. Thank you for all of your support and all of your love. I’m so lucky to have you all in my life. This week has been quite exciting. So many tender miracles and little nuggets of wisdom.

Edna and Jimmy are slowly progressing. Some elders accidentally taught a lesson to them in our area and we heard they had a ton of questions. Please pray that they come to Jos and that they feel the truth of this message. We are still findiong a friend to go to church with Small John. It gives us a good challenge for finding! Cindy is wonderful. She is moving back to Pentacost this week to go back to school. She is a precious soul and I pray that she will be able to have the Church on her island some day. I know she will. Evelyn is preparing to go to the temple! We are going to teach a lesson about it this week. We will story with Natalie later this afternoon. We plan on teaching her about the restoration! Please pray that this lesson goes welll. I haven’t heard anything about Rosemary but I know she’s special. Thierry is praying! I pray he feels God’s love but we’lll really focus on him this week. Please pray that he has a desire to come to church and to be an example amungst his freinds. Josephine and Kasau prayed and they really love what we are teaching them! Their church is the same time as ours so we are working on how to jump over that small hurdle. God loves them so much. Jessica came to church again!!! And gues what?!?! We taught her about the doctrine of Christ and invited her to be baptized and she accepted!!! She is so great and wonderful. Please pray for her. Her baptism is set for the 11th of February. Please pray that she will be able to have strength against the adversary and follow the light of Christ in her light. Annette is wonderful. She really wanted to come to church on sunday but she was sick. We went and visited her and I knew she was telling the truth. She promised she will come this week. Please pray for her to feel the blessing that the gospel will be to her family. Please pray that her husband, Sam’s heart will be softened. Sane worked all this week and every moment we tried to story with her she was busy. Please pray that we will know whether we should continue teaching her and how to help her. Her little girl, Echante, (misses blong mi) told me she’s afraid to pray. Please pray she will feel how much God loves her and that we can teach these beautiful souls how to pray. We started teaching a family Toko and Marie! They are wonderful and have so many questions about the Godhead. Please pray for them. Pray for their children that they will all feel the special light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please also pray for Selina and Mikal. (Mikal is Happy’s brother) we taught them on an exchange with Sista James and Sista Aueua. They were pretty quiet but I know this gospel will bless their life. Please pray for them. Please pray we will be good missionaries and be able to be instruments in God’s hand.

Daddy!! I love you so very much. I love how you can tie the gospel to any experience in your life. Practice really is the pathway to perfect and we can only be made perfect when we turn to our savior Jesus Christ. Daddy I love Vanuatu. I love it with every piece of my soul and I love discovering something new everyday and deepening this love. Sometimes the best things in life are spontaneous. Thank you for the love you and momma share. It is such a great example to me. SNOW!! I love snow.

This week we went to two different families house’s. One was patrick and florence, the other was Jessica (member). After visiting the two I turned to my companion and was like. Something was different. It hit me that what was different was they had the gospel in their lives! They had the spirit in their homes. The gospel of Jesus Christ really does bring a light to people.

2. As we passed by one of the homes the pikinin ran singing out “Sista Carter” They walked with us, and I looked at the light in their eyes as they ran their fingers over my braid and my soft hair as they taught me a dance from their villiage.

3. Zone Conference. Elder Cardon came on mission tour with his wife. They talked about the covenant made with Abraham and that as missionaries we are the arm of the Lord. It was amazing.

4. I got to testify to Edna about Joseph Smith. My heart was humbled as I learned by the spirit.

5. When we are teaching investigators to pray it is like teaching a child to pray, with love.

This week has been amazing. Please pray that I can learn to enjoy each moment. That’s something I have a really challenging time with. I love being here, but my heart wants me to have been here longer than three months and wants the time to fly. Please pray that I will lose myself in the work. It’s like practicing and I am retraining my brain. Please pray I can be a good, hardworking missionary and that I can continue to learn Bislama and be a good Sister Training Leader. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your love and for all of your support.

Have an amazing week!!!

I love you all so much.

Sista Carter