Halo from my island of Efate!

Halo from my beautiful island of Efate (or should I say Franis, Germany, and Brazil.) The world cup is happening and Vanuatu is very loyal to their teams. This week there have been flags everywhere! Sista Papel and I always tell everyone we are world travelers because we “visit three countries” durring our proselyting.

Also I got my package!! Thank you so much!! Sista Papel says to tell yu thank you for the shirt! Ahh! Fudge! Chapstick Aggie chaptstick, shirts!!! It’s christmas!!!!!! Pictures!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Halo momma blong mi! I am wonderful thank you for asking. I’m so glad you got to have such a wonderful time on your anniversary trip! Oh my dear Aurora Rae Ostergar. I love her dearly. Aww my heart just jumped for joy. Every passing Rae….. Scatter sunshine! Aww I love her so much. Momma I love YOU so much!!! Thank you for loving my beautiful friends.
Ah! I’m so excited for Garrett. So exciting!!

Sane is wonderful. She called us Sunday and told us she had work but she would be there next Sunday. I know she will bless the lives of those she works with, especially on Sunday. We haven’t seen Edna and Jimmy and have decided to let some future missionaries story with them and Matilda. They will be ready. I know they will, just not right now. Small and simple changes, great things are brought about. Mama Esline also had work but she was happy to see us. We rescheduled to meet with her again this week. Please keep Esther, and Carlos in your prayers (they have had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith) Please also keep Shelly and Sang (They are a couple with three children. Shelly’s mom just passed away from Breast cancer a few weeks ago but they have asked many questions about the Restoration, especially Joseph Smith (and worshiping on the 7th day.) The next lesson to teach with them is the Plan of Salvation. We shared a little snippet of it already and I can already tell that it’s going to be a great lesson. Now to prepare is the next step! Please also keep Jonoathon, Doline, Mama Mary, Flavia and Seldas (Flavia is a member who is less active and her husband goes to the Catholic Jos) Please also keep Norice (an 8 year old nephew of a member) and Jessie and silvi. Also will you please continue to pray for Jessica and Lydia (our dear friends who got baptized this year! That they can continue to be examples for their family and continue to grow in the gospel.

Naomi Eves is just the cutest little thing. Aww Daniel!!
I know that diamond angel was Linnie Mae! I love her. I love you.
I appreciate your effort that you put into your letters. They make me feel so loved. You are welcome to shorten them a little but if you have an experience, it has great details, don’t be afraid to share. I love the little glimpses of your life. I got to give your tie to President Granger. He is honored to wear it and says he will remember you and I. He’s never had a sister given him a tie but I know that this meant so much to him. Thank you daddy. I love you!

Little detail: we got home late from Zone Conference. Sista Papel and I were exausted! I got to make my favorite vegetables and stew meat. I thought of looking for good prices for stew meat. I love cooking. I’m grateful for your example. Thank you for making me breakfast every morning. I love you so much.
Have a wonderful day! Fly safe!

Sista Carter

p.s. It really is a small world. How perfect two incredible woman in a little cozy place.

An experience just real quick.
I was reading my scriptures earlier this week and I got to Alma chapter 19. He doesn’t stink… he always smells that way…
I started laughing and continued reading, when I got to the part about Abish tears filled my eyes. She had so much courage and so much strength. I love how in the verse the king describes how he feels, he talks about light. It is one of the most beautiful parts of scripture. I pray this week to share the gospel like Abish, with great courage and great strength.
I love you all!


Sista Carter