Halo from my island of Efate (November 11, 2018)

Halo beautiful famle blong mi we mi luvem tumas! I hope your island is nice and sunshiny. Today Efate is raining so her mango trees can grow. I love my little island.
I love you!

Prequel: Thank you so very much!! Thank you for the green vegetables too. They have been quite nice to have. I love you so much. I’ll make sure if I do. I will do the larger amounts.
Goooooooooooooooooooooooood Moooooooooooooooooorning sunshine!!
Time is our friend. I love Bislama. I can’t wait for you to learn it. The list is such a brilliant idea. I will make one today. Writing lyrics is definently a go to.
You won’t believe it but some leaves do fall in Vanuatu! Some… smol smol. Go to service is the best. I have to tell you about what we did last week. Usually we get home and walk right into the house and start to prepare for the evening but last night two of the neightboring pikinini were outside so we ran in the house, grabbed my guitar, and started playing guitar as they danced. It was so much fun! We would take turns. I would finger the chords and they would strum. Later we played football and ran back and forth on the cement outside. We were sweaty but were all smiling! Finally when the stars came out we knew it was time to go inside. It was the best P day I’ve ever had.
I love that scripture! That’s in 2nd Timothy? I”ll find it.

I love you! Have the most wonderful week. Enjoy doing sound and feeling the rubber against your fingers as you roll those cords.

Mama: I love you so very much! Thank you for your example and all that you do for me. I had a moment to be able to watch a mama’s hands. They reminded me of your hands. So gentle, loving, hands that have helped people, hands that have prayed, hands that have changes someone’s life.
I love you to pieces. You are an angel in my life. Have a wonderful day!
I love you!!

This week
Sista Papel and Sista Otukolo have been staying with us in Ohlen! So 4 missionaries, one bathroom, and a lot of talking. It’s been so fun!
We had an exchange with Sista PUlu
Neat experience. We went to story with Mama Evelyn who just joined the jos three years ago. She told us her friend was interested in learning about the gospel. As we finished and started walking to our next appointment. A papa sang out. We storied with him smol and learned that his wife was the one who was the friend of mama Evelyn! There are no coincidences.

I love you all. I know God loves you. Thank you for being sunshine in my life.
Sista Carter

P.s. Pictures.
Sista Pulu and I (I think Daniel knows her sister)
Love you!!