Halo from my island of Efate!!!!

Halo my wonderful family! I love you all so very much.

Thank you for all of your prayers and love. Everything I see and hear reminds me of how lucky I am to have the family that I do.

Momma: I love you so very much! I am great! Thank you for asking 🙂 My Vanuatu week has been full of happiness, joy and challenges. As it should. Sista ‘Otuaffi’s family is safe. I”m so grateful. I’m amazed by how much love there is in the Tongan culture. They are so kind and so beautiful. Annie and James weren’t home when we went to story with them. We’ll story next week. Momma, thank you for your advice. YOu are absolutaly right. Mary is great! Her baptism is this Saturday! She came to church but then had to leave to help take care of her Aunt’s baby. She has light in her eyes. She can do this. I pray that we have enough love to help her but not push her. It’s sometimes difficult to balance the two together. Florence is wonderful! She loves when we story and she says that she has prayed and feels what we have taught is true. Malinda wasn’t home this week. However, Anne was so happy to see us and loved to story! Thierry is good. He got some news this week that he is going to be a dad (right after we storied about the law of Jastity.) He had pure panic in his eyes. Poor guy. We got to bear testimony about the Plan of Salvation and that the Gospel of Jisas Kraes brings hope to the world. It will be interesting to see how his story will unfold. I just read your advice. Be bold! I will be bold! We go to church to feel the spirit. You are exactly right.
Edna and Jimmy are great! They said they didn’t come to Jos because they didn’t want to be late. Bless their hearts. We encouraged them to come even if it was fifteen minutes past. Their son hasn’t got his mission call. Please pray for them this week that they will have the faith and courage to come to Jos. I know they can do it. One of the AP’s wrote the guitar lick and I got to write the lyrics! I’ve played my guitar a little. It helps bring so much peace. Thank you so much for texting my wonderful Aurora Rae Ostergar. You are all wonderful! Remember. It’s a key work in the scriptures. Momma you are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts to uplift others. YOu inspire me. I love you so much! Have an amazing week.

Daddy! Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood moning!!!!! I lost count at how many people I got to say goodmorning too this morning, but I hope someone’s day was brightened! I love you so much. The creative gift is one that I will always be grateful for. I’ve started singing on the way to lessons or whistling. Music is a miracle worker! Plus the pikinini love it. I love this gospel. I love you. The day old rack at smith’s is the best. I made a double batch of snickerdoodles last night (along with an amazing stir fry and fresh guaccomoli with avacados from Mama Dorris.) However, our oven stopped working! The plug was broke. So early this morning I got to make the office smell like snickerdoodles and share a little bit of love. This week I saw the most beautiful tree. I describe it as the enchanted tree (you know the path elf describes in teh movie? I pass the swirly twirly gum drops… I passed an enchanted tree with my beautiful vanuatu souls. My heart was captivated by somthing I have only seen in dreams. I love my Vanuatu.

Tops for this week.

  1. I’ve been working on Visualizing the day… that’s been an adventure but has helped a ton!
  2. Favorite people came to Efate Elda and Sista Brown! (Elda Brown from the mtc)
  3. Storying with mary
  4. We rescued one of the sisters who was sick at Erakor bridge this week… but I got to see one of my fav pikinini… sista Mango. She ran and gave me a hug! Adorable.
  5. We started storying with a new family! The Bule family: Piere, Anna, Angelina, and John! Please keep them in your prayers.
  6. We got to eat at a members house! Donnie and Raizzi. (reminded me of Roxy and Larry) picture below
  7. Funny moment… we almost played boche ball and if we won the men would story! We just settled for drinking coconut water instead!
  8. I felt the spirit so strongly as I testified of the Buk Blong Momon! So cool!

I love you all so very much. Have the most incredible week!
Sista Carter