Halo from my island!!!! Ofa atu! (I love you in Tongan)

Dear Famle blong mi we mi lovem tumas! Halo! Hope your week has been an incredible week. I’m always amazed by everything that is accomplished on a daily basis. This week has been a good and challenging week and as always quite rewarding. I love this gospel. It is the greatest message we could ever share with the world.

Sista ‘Otuafi and I

Sista ‘Otuafi is doing great! She is such a wonderful teacher and I am so excited to learn more from her everyday. She has a very kind heart and serves everyone around her. Sista Motuliki sends her love. I will always be grateful for her. Jessica is getting baptized this Saturday! She is coming to church and I’m so proud of her. So Annette and Sam are married and jessica is their daughter. Annette didn’t come to jos. Every time we tried to see her this week she was at work. Please keep her in your prayers. Evelyn is wonderful! She is preparing to go the temple! She is amazing. Toko and Marie were busy this week getting food ready to sell at the market so we rescheduled their lesson. Looking back I realize that if this happens this is a really great opportunity to serve. Selina and Mikal were home when a pikinini said they weren’t home so we didn’t end up teaching them… However! We saw them later in the week and made an appointment to teach them this week. We got to story with Edna and Jimmy this week. Both of them were there! Jimmy had so many questions about the Buk Blong Momon! We called them sunday morning to come to Jos and they said they’d come but they didn’t show up. We will see them this week! I know that the adversary is doing everything he can to stop them. Edna and Jimmy have so much potential and if Jimmy, the chief joins, it will open up all of Nabunga! Please keep praying. Pray for this miracle. I will do everything in my power to help them. I know God will too. Thank you for your prayers and for all of your love. Natalie moved to another part of Ohlen so we’ll story with her. Cindy goes back to Pentacost tomorrow… Flo is really timid but I know that if we show her we care about her she will know we mean it. Lydia came to Jos! We got to story were her and her mom this week! Lydia is so smart. She is searching for the truth. I pray that she can find it and will feel that everything she is looking for is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please add Malinda to your prayers. She storied with the missionaries in Tanna about three years ago but when met her on the street she told us a date and a time to come story with her. (She is prepared and she gave us cold water. A rare treat) The same Malinda that we couldn’t find her house. We storied with Alvin and Jacob about the restoration and shared about how the Gospel blesses families with Lesianne and Anna and Cindy. We storied wiht Florence sitting on cinder block at her door step as she fed her baby of almost a month. I’m grateful for these souls. For the piece of heaven they connect me with in my life. Edna and Jimmy’s son is waiting for his call. Thierry is slowly progressing. He said he came to Jos but was afraid to go inside so he didn’t come. Please keep him in your prayers. I know that this gospel will bless his life and that God has a plan for him.

Here are a few top experiences for the week….
1. I learned that time is a human measurement of an eternal element, and from someone dear and wise that time is my friend.
2. There was only one sister going to the leavers dinner, she is from New Caledonia, so Sista ‘Otuafi and I got to go and kakae with all the leavers. It was a delicious dinner of chicken Parmesean and all of the missionaries shared their testimonies and a scripture that has meant a lot to them on this mission. I realized there is still a lot that God needs me to become, but he shapes a little bit at a time and I don’t have to be perfect. I guess when I came to Vanuatu I had this expectation that time would fly and that I would grow quickly. However, I am learning that the day is a gift and that God shapes us into who He knows we can become a little at a time, inch by inch.
3. Twice this week I could not find two of the investigator’s homes. We traveled up and down the roads but wanted to use time effectively. Eventually we decided to move forward to our next lesson and on the way there I was stopped in my tracks as we waved Hello to one woman named Malinda and I felt in my soul that it was who we were looking for. Twice! This happened twice. God really will help you if you take a step forward. He will lead you and guide you.
4. I finally kakaed Lap Lap!!!!!!!!!!! It’s an island food made with manyoke. It was so good!
We were given iceblocks, mangoes, kids played ball in the street kicking up dust through their laughter under the burning sun and fluffy clouds.

I love you all so much! Have an incredible week!
Sista Carter

Crabby and My companion
The sunset… God is real.
Arrivers from Tahiti!
Caroline’s friend, Alice, standing next to her garden