Halo from my Islands (12/10/17)

Halo famle blong mi! Mi lovem yu tumas. Tankyu tumas from lav blong yufala.

Momma:I love you so much! Merry Krismas! I love that song. Please sing it nice and loud for me. I can just see the cookies hanging on the christmas tree. You work so hard. Thank you for your example. Ah!!!! You get to go to Disneyland!!!! You lucky goose. I’m so excited for you. Momma, you finally get to have a christmas in Disneyland, please let it be so magical. Baby steps! Baby steps through the hallway… babysteps to the elevator… Give my love to grandpa Kieth. He is a strong man with a firm foundation in this gospel. Momma I’m so grateful you got to spend time with him, cherish thes moments with your daddy.

Details about Christmas: I get to skype call on either the 26th or 27th of Christmas! Pray that the internet works. Will someone please make me a skype account and send me the details so things can go smoothly please? Tankyu!

Momma thank you for helping me have a good perspective on proselyting. It is challenging but I am grateful. Thank you for your special words of encouragement. I needed them. I love you and I can feel your prayers everyday. Have the most amazing week! I love you!

Daddy: I love you so much. I think of your example everyday. I love what you said about our window of our eternal being. Your words are inspired. Thank you for sharing your magician’s code with mifala. It truly touched my heart. I’m so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life, my eternal best friend. Daddy I love this beautiful place. This island is my home. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I will be bold. I am here to serve not to be served. You inspire me and I thank you for your love. Daddy they have the most beautiful clouds here. They are clouds from the Creator’s hand. I feel Papa God’s love and the window of heaven open as I step outside and breathe in the air. I love you so much. Give my love to the institute and to brother Matthews. That choir is a blessing in my life. Every song we learned I have sung here at moments of frustration mo happiness. Thank you daddy for being a worthy priesthood holder of God. I’m so lucky to have the family I do.
I love you so much.

This week has been an incredible week. I have literally stepped in the mud, have walked under the bigfala sun up and and down a bigfala hill everyday with my companion. My wonderful companion. I want to share something about God’s timing. We went to Visit Lilone and Isiah one day this week and they weren’t home so we turned around and went back. The spirit said. Go back! So we whipped around and talked to the fourfalla who were by a tree. We taught one lesson to a boy who was a member. The other boys started laughing and my saltiness came out. I raised my voice and said “From Wanem you laugh?” They stopped pretty quickly. I think I scared them (Thank you grease monkey for surrounding me with working with boys). Anyways. Afta the lesson we turned back to the road and met a woman named Cindy. She had met with missionaries before but the missionaries who were working with her got transfered. We were able to teach about the Gospel blong Jesus Kraes. She is so prepared. I thank Papa God for allowing us to meet her. Timing is everything.

I see tender mercies everyday. From a brother giving us krab, drinking from coconus, or even just a smile and someone allowing us to get water from the well for their washing, or teaching me how to roll simbaro (coconus, banana, and island cabbage.) I’m so grateful to be here.

In Doctrine Covenants Sectoin 4 it talk about having an eye single to the glory of God. One memba, Vicki, pointed out to me that having an eye single to the glory of God means having unity but it also means being able to see opportunities to serve everyday and if I might add, seeing God’s hand in your life.

I’ve learned that “The Day of Decison” President Gordan B. Hinkley talks about is something that you decide not just once but everyday. YOu have to consciously think how to serve people, look for opportunitites, and then one day, it will become second nature, it will become a part of your being.

I love you all so much. I pray for you everyday. Have the most amazing week. Thank you for all of your love and your encouragement.
Please pray for Lynn, Alice, to come to church and continue to have a desire to learn about the gospel Rosina, Peter, Lilone, that they will be married this week and Lilone will be baptized Isiah, Valentine’s heart will be softened and she’ll come to jos Kelly, Celine we can teach her how to read and help her come to Jos, Sophie, Willy, Jaralene, Liu, (reminds me of Uncle Frank) will be able to discern that this is the true church Cindy, and Caroline they will progress and have the desire to come to Jos and learn about the gospel.

Have an amazing week. Please pray that I can lose myself in the service of others and be an answer to someone’s prayer. Please pray that I’ll be able to talk in Bislama and be diligent in my study.
I love you all so much.
Have an amazing week!

Sista Kristina Evonne Carter