Halo from my Islands!

My dear sweet family. I love you all so very much. Thank you for all of your love and support. I’m truly humbled every week to open my email and feel all of your love.

I’m so excited for the Christmas box. I sent a letter to the family we’ll see if it gets there within the next year. I’m sorry there aren’t any photos today. We are at a different internet cafe and the computers are so slow… but I’m grateful for internet.  For Christmas we will go to the mission home.

Everyday I see Papa God’s hand blong hem in laef blong mi. I love you so much. We have the opportunity to show our faith every single day. Life is worth living. Life is a blessing. Our oven doesn’t work at our house so right now I imagine teh clouds as my sugar cookies, with blue frosting. The palm and mango tree leaves wave to me as I pass by. This island is my home. These people are my home. I love them and am growing my love every day for them. I hear barking Gekos before I go to sleep at night. Sometimes I’ll see a peach hibiscus flower that will sing how much Papa God loves his children.  I’m going to work hard this week and serve the Lord with all my heart. Sharing that we too can have faith every day.

This week has been full of challenges and growth. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be out here in the beautiful Vanuatu on Efate. I know that the Lord loves this Pikinini. This week we ran into a man from Swedan. His last words were. “I’ll probably see you again but just know you’re not going to convert me.” I laughed as we continued waliking. That man is right. WE aren’t going to convert him. The spirit of truth, Papa God’s tabu (note from Roxy: this means “sacred”) spirit will be the one that will help that man know he has happiness and he can find peace and joy in the gospel.

We had exchanges this week. I got to be in the Olan area with Sister Fuller. She is on her last transfer and goes home next week. I learned a lot about endurance. We talked about running and practicing is enduring. Our mission is a test of endurance. I’m making it a goal to enjoy every day, even though some days start off rough I will love every day and find the Lord’s hand in everything. Oh! I also got to hold a Lizard this week. Pictures to come…

Also it’s officially rainy season!!! The thunder is like a chorus of lions roaring with might as rain pounds on the tin roofs of someone’s house. I love it. I love the rain. I love how everything changes. The world stops and proves it’s power through the lightening that strikes and the water that pours from the clouds. It is the most beautiful sight and sound.

The last experience I want to share is when we were talking to Valentine (she’s less active and many missionaries have worked with her to help her come back to church.) I remember turning to her and telling her that she was strong and that the Lord needs her on His team. I imagine this is how Papa God feels about each and everyone of us. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses but Papa God needs us on his team and the best part is that he is there every step of the way. He will never leave our side. He will always love you and me. I’m so grateful for this gospel. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share and to teach.

Please keep praying for Lilone and Isiah. They are progressing well and the wedding and baptism next week! I’m so excited. Jaralene and Willy Ben: They came to church yesterday! Yay! Pray that they will have the strength to keep coming to church and they will resist the temptations of the adversary of drinking Kava and find strength in reading the Buk Blong Momon and trusting in the savior. Wessine came to church yesterday. Keep praying that man blong hem heart will be softened and that miracles will happen. Please pray for Lynn she can continue to progress. We are teaching her mom, Anita, she is so prepared! Please pray she will continue to have her heart opened. I love these people.

I love this gospel. Please keep praying I can learn Bislama and teajim people with all my heart and can be given strength to love proselyting.

I love you all. Have the most incredible week.

Enjoy every moment. Enjoy the taste of sugar cookies. Thank you for your love and support. I love you all.

Sista Kristina Evonne Carter