Halo from my little island of Efate (January 6, 2019)

Happy 2019!!
Halo dear famle blong mi we mi luvem tumas! I hope you have had an incredible week. The sun is shining and it is hot. We got a little bit of rain this week so it was beautiful. (as always)

from the letter to President…
This week has been quite exciting. There has been much change that has happened since last week. I am in a new area with a new companion. The spirit reminds me that change is a good thing. It will take a little bit of time. I am so grateful for the time I got to work in Ohlen and be surrounded by beautiful souls. The members in the ward in Etas welcomed me with so much love. There have already been tender mercies. One is one of the people we met at a baptism last year, her name is Merrium, lives in our area. I met her once and never thought we would meet again but I learned that she lives in the bounderies of our area! It was a little moment that I am so grateful for. She is a member but her and her man are not married yet. We will help them to the best that we can. I can see so many opportunities to help the people in Etas. I’m so grateful for Sista Otukolo. She is a blessing to my life. She misses her last companion. I am so grateful for the things I have learned from her already. She has had much patience with me as we both work through this transition. She helps me understand the importance of a social testimony and showing genuine care and love to the people around you.
I am so grateful for the chance to be a missionary. It is a challenge and I am grateful.

Well this week there has been a lot of adjusting and a lot of change. I am in Etas! Yahoo! It is beautiful. There is so much green. It is also the most bush place for sisters on Efate. Our little house has a water pump and we use solar and hand wash our clothes. (bless the mamas in Ohlen for learning me). The members here are beautiful. They welcomed me with open arms and always tell me “You smart way!. I love them. I’m so grateful to be here. My companion is Sista Otukolo she was born in the USA and is full tongan. She is a delight to be around. Her last companion was sister Papel. Sista Otukolo has a gift at helping people feel loved and building friendships with the people. I am grateful for her.
It was so delightful to talk to you a few weeks ago. I’ve been showing sista Otukolo the small clips of video that sista Nila took for me. (she called us this morning and asked me how to make brownies. Love her. )
Mama: I love you so very much! We have running water through our pump, flushing toilets, our house is cute and little, the food is the same. The members have such kind hearts and always give us kakae. Especially one mama Joanita. They are sad if we don’t come and eat with them too… it’s so fun! We don’t have a vehical (bus blong Adam and Eve) (That’s a little joke here on the island) We meet inside of an actual little chapel! It is strange having church inside. The windows open up so you can see the banana trees. We are literally right next to the church. Walk a few feet and we are home! The ocean is a little further away. There is a part of our area called Lagoon and you can see the ocean in the distance. The mamas will wash their clothes down by the salt wata behind their house. It is beautiful. I am in the Etas ward. My companion is Sista Otukolo. We are storying with Joanita and Pierre, Helena and John, and mama Finet. They are amazing. It is bush because the trail we walk on is dirt road and on one side there is one sea of grass and on the other there is another sea of grass. You can’t even see the road to the main town! We are about 20 minutes away from town (Think about hiking in the mountains.) I am back in the south Efate district. My companion is Sista Otukolo. She is full Tongan and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love her! She will finish her mission this October. (EH Toss (open your mouth and say Ah…)
I love you so very much!

Ohlen was super dusty and a lot smaller. Etas is huge, green, and dusty!

Daddy: Goooooooooooooood Moooooooooooorning sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your words of love and encouragement. I can not fail! It is all part of a divine plan. How grateful I am for this plan that God has given yumi everyone. I love Etas. It is new! It is a huge change. It is exactly what I need. I’m so grateful for your extra prayers. Isn’t talking to people the best? I love it so much!

I love you so very much daddy! Thank you for your love and encouragement.
Also Sista NIla has asked that you still send letters even though we aren’t companions. They make her so happy. Would you be willing to write one to Sista Otukolo too? Thank you for loving these beautiful souls. I love you so much! I am so grateful for you.
Have a wonderful week and feel better!
Sista Carter

Making breaedd
Sista Otukolo and I
Merrium (my friend merrium!! from last year)
A snake
The squad in Etas
Cave in Etas