Halo from my sunshiney Efate

Halo dear famle blong mi! Mi luvem yufala bigwan!!
You all are always in my prayers. I love you so very much. Thank you for all of your love and all of your support.
Grandma Kenna:I am so proud of you. You are incredible. Thank you for your sweet email you sent. What a joy and a suprise. I’m so exciting you will be a resident of Pioneer Valley Lodge!!! You can do this. One step at a time. You’ve got this. You have been in my prayers and are always in my prayers. Always and forever!!!

Momma: Oh how I love you so very much! Just reading the first word you send makes me smile. My Efate is beautfiul as always. The missionary work is coming a long! Momma your words are beautiful. Thank you for reminding me that “I am on my way!” Aww momma. I love you. I learned how to love from my earthly and heavenly parents and famle. All of my famle. Momma 6 months! Can you believe it? It feels like I just got here and that there is a lot of work a head, but also I know that the work of these past 6 months are something that I am proud of and are a gift to me. I really want to finish reading the Book of Mormon. I am going to finish reading it side by side with the Buk Blong Man. My goal is to really gain a testimony of the Buk Blong Momon and the restoration. Keep doing what you are doing. I’m so lucky to have parents that love me.
Grandma is moving to Logan!!!! This is amazing news. I’m so proud of her. She will love Pioneer Valley Lodge. You are going to be close to your momma!!! Yay!! Sister Welter finishes her mission next week! I will tell you all that I need. What a tender mercy. Thierry didn’t come to Jos this week but I feel he is getting closer and closer. Mildon wasn’t home. The Bule famle is wonderful but they haven’t come to church yet. Annie and James are planning on getting married when James gets back (he is going to work in New Zealand.) (Annie told us with tears she was moving to Australia and their little boy was going to live with some famle during the summer months so they both can work.) When school starts back they’ll move back to Efate together and get married. James told us they want to become members some day!! Ahh!!! JPlease keep them in your prayres. Edna and Jimmy are wonderful. Jimmy had a really long day at work so we didn’t story with him but momma Edna took us down to the river behind their house and showed us their banana plantation. After we storied about faith. Their daughter has not recieved their mission call. Bontel was gathering fire wood so we will story with her next week. But William was home! His traavel plans got delayed for a month. We were planning on teaching him law of Jastity but lazy sister carter didn’t want to teach law of Jastity. I thought it was going to be awkward but after starting to talk about the Godhead William asked “What can I do to show I’m grateful for the sacrifice Jesus Christ has made for me?.” Sister Papel and I explained about commandments and taught Jastity. You can see in his heart he wants to change. We will study with Sane tomorrow. I love you so very much. Have an amazing week! (It’s Sista Papel’s 6 month mark too!)

Daddy: Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning. I waved to the sunshine last night as it snuck undernieth the trees out of my sight. We are unique individuals and get to be ttogether for a common purpose. I will freely gallop. (also the flash drive is perfect) I love you so very much daddy!!! We made some chocolate Kato, so close to a chocolate donut. I love you so very much. Fist bump! Also the jump drive works perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

1. Exchange with Sista Lea in the Villiage. (THE GORGEOUS sista from Samoa)
2. Making Kato with chocolate with Momma Dorris
3. Testifying of Joseph Smith
4. Helping Momma Annette clean brooms (there is a gospel parable somewhere.)

I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Sista Carter