Halo from my wintery island…. (AKA it’s HOT!)

Dear famle blong mi we mi lovem tumas. Tankyu tumas from every someting yu bin makem lo week blong yu lo helpem mi. Thank you for your constant love and constant prayers. You are all amazing and I thank my dear Papa God for all of you.

My dear sweet momma: Mi luvem yu tumas. Reading your words just melt my heart. I love you. Sista ‘Otuafi is incredible. I am learning so much about teaching from her. She has so much charity, especially to Abu, and I know that these people feel her love and Papa God’s love. Isn’t she just gorgeous? A sunset that beautiful is about once a month or sometimes every few weeks. I count my blessings when they do come. Sista Motuliki had some tops that she didn’t want so she gave them to me! T-shirts. I wear them all the time! 2. I haven’t tried fresh fish. I want to SO badly! I hear on Santo they have fresh fish, but here on Efate it is canned tuna and Makarel. One day… I’ll get there! One momma told me that when I come to Tanna she will teach me how to make lap lap… although they don’t have sisters on Tanna… but that’s okay!

Thank you for praying for all of our investigators! 1. Jessica got baptized this week!!!!!! She is 15 years old (16th on the 11th of april). She has light in her eyes! It is so beautiful to see. Annette ran away this week, right before Jessica’s baptism. (in Vanuatu it’s a normal and acceptable to hit women. I wonder if this is because of the lack of education. It makes me sad. The gospel brings so much light. We haven’t been able to story with her but we were able to story with her husband Sam, pray that his heart becomes softened. We had a meeting so we had to reschedule with Toko and Marie and reschedule with Selina and Mikal. Lydia and her mom are great. Lydia came to church once but we will work on that more. Malinda is wonderful. She loves the gospel. Please pray her man’s heart is softened. We got to story again with Florence. This time we storied while there was a political speech in the middle of Ohlen. It was interesting the loudness and the fierceness that came from the different voices and in the middle of everything we were storying, peacefully, with Florence and her sweet new baby. Alvin and Jacob are great! We are storying with them more this week. Please pray that we can help them understand the blessings of Jos. Lesianna, Anna, and Cindy love the Buk Blong Momon. (smarty pants). Please pray we can know how to help them in coming to church. Thierry is great! We taught him about the law of Jastity. He is still frightened to come to Jos. We’ll come walk with him this week. HE CAN DO IT. I know he can.

I’m so glad you got to go to the Scarlet Pimpernel! Bless Kaiti’s heart! She can do this. You are such a good example of exercising. Wow! Concerto night was this week. That’s crazy!! I know all of the soloists did amazingly. It’s crazy where a year will take you. I love how much you love the temple. You two are precious. Thank you for your example.

Momma, your testimony brought tears to my eyes. I feel so much strength from you! You are amazing.
Have an amazing valentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXXOXXOXOXXOXXOXOXXOXOXXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXO Happy valentines day!!!!!!!

Daddy: Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Sunshine!!!!!!!!!! You’ll be happy to know that every morning I greet Vanuatu, God’s creation, especially the skies and palm trees, but most importantly his children. This week I have been making time my friend. Our good friend time has some alliances, the sun and the moon, the clouds and the stars. I love the bond that you speak of. It is so real. I feel it every day. (also before I forget. I got your letter! It made my day and my whole week. Thank you.) You are brilliant. The words that you write for Jimmy are words of great wisdom. I can’t wait to share them. I love words! Your words are inspired. I love this island because of the beautiful people here, the beautiful souls of Papa God. They are incredible. I love this gospel! I love you! I will always and am so grateful for our family.

Have an amazing week.

Happy Valentines Day! Eat a donut for me! I’ll eat something delicious from the 20 Vatu market for you 🙂

This week top moments!!!
1. Jessica got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some would say this is my first baptism, no way jose! The only baptism this is, is Papa God’s. I’d be a fool if I took credit for all the angels seen physically and felt spiritually. This was not just my companion and I. Jessica is amazing. I”m so proud of her.
2. There is a DARLING little one year old, her name is Angelina, her parentrs are Seth and Merci. She always sees Sista ‘Otuafi and I and runs to us… one day I was carying Kato and she came, took it from my hand and ran away. I have never seen a little one year old so happy. She can have all the Kato in the world.
3. I have a new friend her name is Marrium! She is in one of the pictures. She says when I come to Tanna she will teach me how to make lap lap and she will build a bungalo for us to relax by the ocean.
4. We taught a man named William. He reminds me of my friend Josh actually. We kind of did this sales pitch about the Buk Blong Momon (Thank you Grease Monkey.) and when we said that the Buk was his to keep he said “Gus! Really? No. Really?” It was like watching a little kid on Christmas.
5. Mary is getting baptized on 3 March 2018. We met her on Monday. She has come to church with her aunt and uncle. She is so prepared.
6. I have been making apples, cinnomon, and nutmeg for desert. Heaven. I’ll throw in some oats next time.
7. WE had a special training for the sisters on budgeting, cookintg, and health. We talked about female anatomy, since a lot of cultures inteh South Pacirfic have a lot of myths about these things… It was amazing to see these sister’s minds enlightened and was actually a really spiritual experience. It reminded me of back in October when one of the dad’s of the missionaries said I’d teach about how to be a strong woman in the church. So cool!!!
8. I made an almost successful batch of snickerdoodles… perfect practice makes perfect.
I love you all so very much! I hope you have the most amazing week and Happy valentines day!!!
Sista Kristina Evonne Carter