Happy Decemba from my little island of Efate! (December 2, 2018)

Good Morning ol Famle blong mi!! Oh how much I adore you! Merry Christmas!!!! I love you so very much!!
Mama: I love you so much! You are so so special. I do the same thing with your letter too!
Translation sentence by sentence
Hello my beautiful family that I love so much!
How is your day?
I hope it is nice.
Morning yoga slash planks are about a 20 minute venture. The rest of the day we walk up hills.
Tabu Spirit means the Holy Ghost
(Tabu also means no. So when a pikinini does something you hear a mama singout Tabu! Tabu! It’s so funny)
The crab are from the island. Crab season is in December to January. This is the second time I have had it here. Shelly and Sang pour them into a big barrell and it is like a tap dancing crab choir. or flamingo dancers.

Daddy: It sounds magical. Catch a snowflake for me as they dust that beautiful Christmas tree. I love you. The little gifts is such a cute thing for mama.
The velcro strips! It’s a brilliant idea. The missionaries love acapella Christmas. Bless their souls. Maybe I’ll catch the train someday.
I will breath in and breath out. I love the thoughts you have had on faith this morning. They are magical.
If you will send some Utah Snowman please. 🙂

BIG NEWS Skype call will be 26 December, my time 10 am- 11 am. Will you please prepare a skype account for me? I love you!!!

I’m pretty sure I will be finishing in May. There aren’t transfers in April.

So this week got a few more driving hours in the morning than expected in helping some sisters. I’m grateful for the moments that prepared me.
We celebreated Sista Nila’s 24th birthday. We had a family house night and we at Chicken curry and Chocolate Moose. It was SO good. The best part of the night we brought cookie dough (The egless cookie dough recepe. Wehad planned on making cake but forgot to buy eggs. Two of the people there had never had cookie dough in their life. They had this confused look on their face. They waited for about a minute, took another spoonfull, and then started diving into the whole container. They couldn’t stop eating it. They LOVED it! It was precious., )

Thank you for all your love and your support. I’m so grateful for you. Enjoy the snow! I’ll enjoy the pouring rain and the hot sun of my little island in the middle of the salwata.
Have a wonderful week!
Sista Carter

Pictures from the week..

The sunset of Efate
Scratched coconut
Ohlen Hole Christmas Party
Scratching coconut

Sista Nila’s Birthday Squad

joselito and I