Happy Thanksgiving! A few days early… where’s the Christmas music??

Halo famle blong mi! Mi lovem yufala so mas. Tjankyu for all of yufala luv and support. I feel strength every day. I know I say that every time but it’s true. I do!

Mi tri to include more pictures this week… slowly mi figuring out coputer system blong Vanuatu.

This week (short week!) has been full of so much excitement. Mi so grateful to be serving on such a beautiful island.

Before I forget. The Christmas box has been approved!!! Please send white shirts (all short sleeve. Medium.) I learned it is easier to get white shirts than ties here so if you’ll also include ties that would be amazing! If it gets intercepted. Someone will be happy!

I love you so much. I’m humbled, not surpised, but humbled of how loving and giving you are. Thank you from the very bottom of heart blong mi.

Wed: We cleaned the house and I mopped everything with vinegar and detergant! Goodbye cockroaches. We also met with parents of one of the pikinini who is a member of teh church. They are working towards baptism and getting married! Please pray for them that they will have th strength to stop drinking Kava and Coffe. Every challenge we givem investigator mi try to do too. So every time me feel like scratching a mosquito bite I pull out Buk Blong Mormon and start reading. It works! Read Buk blong mormon!

Thurs: We taugh a recent convert who has been sruggling to come to church but a miracle happened. He came to stake conference yesterday! Mi know the Lord will blessem him and his famle for sacrifice he makes.

We met a man who was filling buckets of water from the ground. The spirit said. Go find him! So we stopped right in our tracks, turned around, and found his wife. She had met with the missionaries before but she only met with them for one month. We hope to teach her this week! (Her name is Ruth)

One really neat experience this week was when we met a woman named Lynn. She’d never met missionaries before and we ended up teajing her the Plan Blong Sevan Man. Afta, we walked by another small house while leaving, and we saw a man sick in bed. He called to us. We told him we were not able to give him a blessing. I remembered something mama told me before I left, that I can pray always and call down teh powers of Heaven. So I turned to my companion. We prayed with him. He said his brother was a member and he heard someone teajing outside and knew that we were representatives of Christ. He said people would come to the savior and so he called to us. Sista James said the prayer and He asked US for a Buk Blong Momon. He said he’d read it and he’d keep praying. He has trouble with his pancreas. We pray for him everyday. That experience allowed me to realize we truly are representatives blong Jesus Kraes. I felt quite humbled for the rest of the day.

I love this gospel. I’m learning to enjoy every moment of serving a mission in Vanuatu. Sometimes I will find my mind only focusing on what is ahead but mi know with mi Papa God’s helpem. He will blessem mi. Every moment is a gift, every breath is a gift. Savor every challenge, every heartache. Those moments help you appreciate the good days, and help you recognize the tender mercies of mo Lord.

Mi also want to testifi of fasting. We had a special fast this week as a mission to meet our goal of baptisms. Every day there is a hill, actually three hills, Sista James Nila and I climb up. Every day at the end we are so sweaty, and want to kaekae. (to eat!) However, yesterday, as we climbed up the hill while we were fasting. I felt strength. I felt energy. I knew that Papa God was helping me make it up that hill with no kaekae (food) in body blong mi. Mi know the paoa of Papa God is real. Mi promise you it is real.

This mission is a mission of miracles. Lilone is set to get married on the 15th of December and baptized on the 16th of December. We are reviewing all the lessons with her. She is prepared and she has a testimony of the truth of the gospel blong Jesus Christ.

Mi lovem you so mas mi dear famle blong me. I feel your prayers. I love you and pray for you everyday. Thank you for your support. I’m truly grateful. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. For some reason I was thinking it was yesterday… so I ate canned meat for Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

I’m grateful for the little things, like a member giving us mango and lache (my new favorite fruit). An investigator gave us bananas so we made fried bananas. I’m grateful for a good companion. I”m grateful for life.

This week I read 1 Nephi 18:11. It talks about Nephi being bound with cords. In life sometimes we do little things that bind us with cords, but if we do all that we can those cords will be loosened and we will be instruments in our Papa God’s hands.

Funny story/sad. There’s a lady who sells food everyday. The other day she was selling donuts but we were fasting and it was Sunday! So eat a donut for me.

I love you my dear family. Have a wonderful week!
Sista Kristina Evonne Carter


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