Leaving tomorrow!

I’m feeling a mix of excited, terrified, and excited… Yes, excited twice. I’m a whole bundle of emotions – excited, nervous, terrified, and I know it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be.

It’s difficult to leave so many wonderful friends and family behind, but I know I’m doing what God needs me to do. It’s as if I have a sense of duty. It’s different than a lot of traveling that I’ve done because I’m going with a specific purpose. I’m going to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m excited to meet new people, learn new cultures, and learn a language I hadn’t heard of until 4 months ago.

I didn’t want to serve a mission until about a year ago. My heart slowly softened as I learned more about the teachings of the gospel. I had the opportunity to have one on one conversations with a few people and it made me realize how much I enjoyed sharing the gospel and the pure joy that came with sharing and loving. I’ve also learned in the last 4.5 months that it’s important to love now. To love people as they are. Not to say I’ll love them when they change, or I’ll love them when they do ____. It’s important to love people now, as they are. I feel that about people around me, and people in Vanuatu.

Tomorrow I fly out to New Zealand to go to the Missionary Training center. I couldn’t be more excited to start this adventure to the islands!

Mi hop se trip blong yu i go gud

Sister Carter