Nov 13, 2017

Halo mi wonderful famle!

I lovem yu all so much. Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement. I feel so much strength as I fell your support from the other side of the world. I’m currently writing from an internet cafe. With air conditioning! It’s delightful. I lovem you all. I’ll throw in some Bislama every now and then.

Wednesday sixteen of us filed onto the plane and watched as the plane hit the runway. As I stepped off the plane I felt the humidity swallow my soul and I couldn’t help but smile a real smile. We waited to go through customs for about an hour. Not bad for island time. As we left the tiny air port we were greeted by President an Sister Granger. They are wonderful! The first thing Sister Granger said to me was. “Sister Carter Hello! We’re a bit more laid back then most so you can relax.” I felt my body release tension. The travel elders (Shout out to Elder Lamont from my home town!) picked us up and we began our adventure in the cranke (crazy) streets of Port Vila. I’m adapting more and more to the culture. We stayed two evenings at the Sister Trainer Leader’s house and had two days of orientation. The picture of the gorgeous island is from the mission home.

Every day brings a new challenge and sometimes I wonder if I can do this. However, each step I take adventuring past the palm treees gives me strength and I am reminded how much my Father in Heaven loves me and how lucky I am to be able to learn from the people of Vanuatu.

My area is called Erakor Bridge on the island of Efate. We walk about thirty minutes every morning to get to our area. My Bislama is small. (Mi talktalk bislama small.) I know the more I work on it the easier it will become. The people are beautiful. Each person I meet I can feel how much our Papa God loves them.

Everyday I realize how much I take for granted. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

My companion is Sister James Nila. She is from Malaysia and has been out for one transfer. She is very kind and thoughtful and I’m learning alot from her.

Sunday we went to church. It is about an hour walk on the dusty roads but I always look for something beautiful, like the hibiscus flowers. I’m learning to be a better cook and to exercise and take good care of my body.

Mosquitoes could care less about my skin (which I’m thankful for). However the Fleas love me. So we’ve washed everything (because we have running water (which we filter) and the fleas are no more! Papa God loves his missionaries and he loves all of his children.

I’m thankful that I can be here on this island and can learn everyday. I love you all so much.

The weather is much hotter here in Vanuatu. Beautiful but hot. Please pray that I can learn Bislama. I know I can extra strength is always wonderful.

Everything is unfolding. The new people. The new culture. The new food. Everything is so new and exciting. Yesterday my companion and I stopped at the villiage to walk with Aniese (Ah nee ahs) and Louisa ( 11 and 10) to go to church. The other pikininis (children) were playing games and singing songs. They taught me what they were singing. Later that day in a lesson my companion and I taught I am a child of God to three pikininis. They loved it! Music is such a powrful tool.

Have an amazing week. Read your scriptures. God loves you and Mi know the more you readem the more papa god Ol blessem yufala.

Sista Kristina Evonne Carter

P.S. I ate banana chips and drank from a coconut!!