Nov 21, 2017

Halo my dear wonderful family.

I love you all so very much. This week has been so crazy. The days are filled with so much I can barely recall all that happened but a few highlights from the week.

Monday: We are teaching a sista. She has got boyfriend with two young pikinini. We will find out this afternoon if they have set a wedding date. As soon as they get married she can be baptized! We also had district meeting. I’m getting more familiar with the area and see new faces every single day.

Tuesday: We taught a lady about the law of chasity. The Loa blong Jastity. She recieved it really well and the same thing as with Lilone she just needs to get married.

Wednesday: IN a lesson we Sista James and I taught about Charity. We ended up writing a song about Bigfala love. It was so cool!

Thursday: I learned that we must simplify lessons. Sista James and I sat down that night and went through the whole lesson and simplified it all. The next day our lessons were so much better!

The rest of the week blurs together. We’ll have to think outside of teh box but we know we can do it. With strength and trust in the Lord anything is possible.

Sunday we had church. Slowly but surely I’m learning Bislama and am able to participate and talk talk to people mo. Monday and Tuesday was Zone Conference! It’s like Christmas. I’ve learned so much and the first thing I did when I got home was made goals. If you don’t have vision you will fail but if you have a goal in sight you will succeed and miracles will abound.

Funny things that happened this week…

Our pipe broke while we were filling the washing machine (yes we have a washing machine that works halfway!!) I couldn’t help but laugh as I held the hose together while water sprayed everywhere. Don’t worry. It’s fixed now! My companion called it the Faucet of Blessings. We are so blessed in this life and Papa God pours down the blessings upon us

There was a gigantic spider in our house. I”ve named him Archibald. Have no fear. Spiders can sense fear. My companion picked it up with tongs and I ran to open the door, turned and the spider was right by my face, kicked into auto pilot, and ran smack into the screen door. We laughed so hard afterwards and now ARchibald is happily outside. Hopefully….

Spiritual things…
I’ve been learning this week how much Papa God loves his children and that even in they don’t recongnize his hand in their life Papa God will always be there. He never leaves.

Music is a gift. My bislama is small small. Really small small. It can be discouraging sometimes to not be able to speak fluently to the members and investigators. Something that I do have is music. I’ve been able to sing with people and share how much I love the savior. I’m so grateful for this gift.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Something I loved this week was what I rea in 1 Nephi 16: 33. Nephi is commanded to build a ship and his family is complaining once again and Nephi says the words “Whither shall I go?” He acts. He doesn’t just wait for something to happen. He acts and has faith that all things will work out.

I love this gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I can’t thank him enough for his Atoning sacrifice.

Challenge: Read the Book of Mormon. I promise you will find strength and you will so uplifted in every aspect of youor lifee.

Our home is the hosting house. It is quite nice comparable to some of the elda’s houses. WE have running water and shower. Bless. There are about fifty plus people in the villiage. Our Church is about twenty minutes from Erikor. So an forty five minute walk up and down hills! Elda Staple is on I think another island. Sometimes the internet doesn’t work. It depends on the day. I saw him at Zone Conference so bless his momma’s heart and tell her son is good and alive! Thanksgiving food doesn’t really exist here… but the spirit of gratitude does! We have a portable DVD player and can play CDs. I have a bed.

I love you! I love all the pictures! Time to go find people of Vanuatu!

I love you all so much. Have an incredible week.

Sista Kristina Evonne Carter

Zone Conference Nov 2017 (picture from Facebook)
Zone Conference Nov 2017 (picture from Facebook)
Zone Conference Nov 2017 (picture from Facebook)
Zone Conference Nov 2017 (picture from Facebook)
Zone Conference Nov 2017 (picture from Facebook)
Zone Conference Nov 2017 (picture from Facebook)
Zone Conference Nov 2017 (picture from Kristina)